Modern weddings are no longer about the bride’s dress alone. Make the most of this opportunity to look your very best and invest in something special for yourself. A bespoke suit tailored perfectly to you provides unparalleled confidence for your wedding and is also something you will get the pleasure of wearing again and again for those other special events in life such as christenings, friends’ weddings or days at the races.

A bespoke suit is the ultimate indulgence for men and your wedding is the perfect time for this. From initial discussions over a drink to the finished result of the most flattering and comfortable suit you have ever owned, this is the part of the wedding journey that is all about you.

We guide you through the process of designing your perfect wedding suit, so that it matches your personal style and the theme of your day. We take into account all the factors of your wedding; whether it is formal or informal, indoors or out, contemporary or vintage, and the climate of the destination, as well as ensuring it will complement your bride’s outfit.

If the style of your wedding calls for a morning suit, investing in bespoke will provide you with unparalleled comfort on the day. Should the Royal enclosure at Ascot beckon, you will also be ready in style with a suit unique to you in even this most formal of settings.

From the cuts that will most flatter your physique and the colours that complement your skin tone, to the cloths that will keep you cool and comfortable, we have the answers.

Our measuring process takes into account every aspect of your figuration to achieve the perfect fit. In our design and cutting process we select every aspect of the suit to complement your physique, accentuate your best features and conceal any flaws.

Let your creativity flow and express your individual style as you select every detail your way. From linings and colours of buttonholes to monograms, pockets and lapels exactly as you like them, the result is a suit that is uniquely yours and completely satisfying.

At your first consultation, take the time to choose exactly what you want. Perhaps make an event of it by bringing along key members of the wedding party such as your best man to help advise. A complementing suit might be in order for the Best Man, perhaps a two piece to match your three piece.