Charles Campbell Bespoke Tailoring

Made to Measure

Our made to measure service offers an introduction to the world of fine tailoring with unrivalled value for money. Bespoke is still very much the watchword behind our superb made to measure garments although they are constructed in a more modern process; involving machine cutting and sewing of the cloth.

Made to measure is ideal for those looking for something far more individual than prêt a porter but retaining many of the qualities of true bespoke.


The etymology of the phrase ‘bespoke’ can be traced back to the 17th century and originally referred to a bolt of cloth that had been reserved for a customer – ‘bespoken for’.

In the 21st century, little has changed. Our bespoke clothes are as unique as you are and having a suit tailored precisely to your shape, specifications and taste sets you on a journey.

It begins simply enough, with a chat over coffee, a cheeky glass of champagne or two fingers of a very good malt. During this appointment, we’ll discuss your preferred style, favoured cloth and essential details. Naturally, you’ll be measured and some initial designs will be created. Only when you’re completely happy and have confirmed your choice, will we set to work and the bespoke process begins.

First, a paper pattern is made and laid over the cloth. A highly trained and experienced cutter then hand cuts the various pieces out before handing them to our master tailor. From here a baste, or hand sewn and tacked garment, is formed to create the skeleton shape.

At this point, you will be invited to attend your first fitting. Here any necessary adjustments can be made before the baste is painstakingly transformed into the final garment.

A second fitting allows you and the tailor to assess the comfort and feel of the finished item. This is done at the time and location that is most convenient for you. Further fittings may be required and it is only when you are entirely satisfied that the suit is perfect, will we consider it finished.